Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Goose Joak Cards, Day 6

Thought I would post these early today! I've really had a lot of fun doing these cards, thank you very much for including me and allowing me to be a part of these Goose Joak Original Cards, Dave!

Milwaukee Brewers:

Craig Counsell

Counsell is particularly known for his unusual batting stance, where he points the bat straight up into the air as high as he can and moves it back and forth in an erratic fashion. He currently has a one year contract with the Brewers.

CC Sabathia

CC was with the Brewers only a short time, but what an impact he made. I have two cards designed in honor of his time with the Brewers. Hopefully someday he'll realize that the Yankee's suck and he misses the Brewers!

Toronto Blue Jays:

Joe Inglett

Inglett, nicknamed "Voodoo Joe", is now a utility player for the Toronto Blue Jays and has played games in at every position besides first, catcher and pitcher.

David Purcey

I have the feeling that this season will be Purcey's breakout. 2008 was his first season in "The Show", and he's only 26. With AJ Burnett gone and Marcum most likely out for the 2009 season, the Jays will depend on Purcey. When he's comfortable he is an intimidating presence on the mound, throwing strikes effectively. However, when he gets off his game his control is off. Purcey is young and this is something experience and time can fix. He will definitely be a presence this season on the Jays pitching staff.


Ervin Santana

These are the extra teams I picked up. I've really enjoyed doing these cards and am glad to help Dave out all that I can. Santana was integral in my first fantasy baseball season!

Lasting Milledge

Lastings had a bad rap with the Mets, but seems to fit in with the Nationals! His cards of 2009 seem to be the best of both Upper Deck and Topps so far. I was hoping to continue that with this colorful, smiling picture of Milledge.

Miguel Cabrera

I was going to start with my favorite Tiger, Ordonez and his flowing locks, however, this Cabrera picture is just too good to pass up. I wanted to share it as soon as possible.

I hope you guys enjoy these cards! For more info go to Goose Joak.


  1. Thanks for the tip on David Purcey. His stats certainly back up your claims.

    8.0 K/9
    4.0 B/9
    1.2 HR/9

    Not a lot of buzz on him which is odd. He'll be 27 this season. In contrast to that is Manny Parra, 26, who a lot of people seem to like as a breakout candidate despite almost no difference in their rate stats last year. As soon as I saw the rate stats for Purcey I thought of Parra, and I was pretty spot on. Here's Parra:

    8.0 K/9
    4.1 B/9
    1.0 HR/9

    Almost identical. So really I like your call here on Purcey. Some control risk, but upside as you've noted.

  2. That's cool that you had Big Erv last year. He got snatched away pretty quickly in our league and never hit the waiver wire again! If you haven't noticed I am a huge fantasy baseball junkie. You going to play again this year?

  3. Last year was my first year. I'm very excited to play again. Yeah if you have room in a league I'd be happy to join! Might have to stop spouting off about the players here on blog so not to give away my secrets ;)