Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Ebay Purchases

Okay I'm really excited about this. I sold my Bobby Orr auto card and used the money to purchase a "few" special cards. I won't tell you guys what these cards are, but I will say that I'm blown away by what I got and the prices I got them for. I'll post them as they come in! So excited!


  1. Best of luck with these, hope you landed some good stuff. By the way, my aim wasn't to insult you or your fellow countrymen. I hold firmly to my belief that all MLB teams should be located in the US - it is sad how baseball must be played indoors at Rogers, really. Instead, however, I propose a trade (circa 2004). In exchange for the Toronto and Montreal franchises, the United States will trade you the Colorado Avalanche and the Phoenix Coyotes - both of whom rightly belong to your country, to be sure. Along with them, every other warm city franchise in the NHL. Send them up to Canada where true fans of the game will appreciate them, and where hockey truly belongs.

  2. LOL I know your intent was not to insult. I just had to point that out. Have to say without baseball in Canada I probably wouldn't watch, even though I'm a Brewers fan, I'm also a Blue Jays fan!