Thursday, March 5, 2009

Goose Joak Cards, Day 7

Milwaukee Brewers:

Bill Hall

I love several things about this photo, the retro uniform and the pink arm band in particular! Hall has decent power for a small player, but also has decent speed. He can smash the lefties and can go on home run binges, 15 homeruns in 2008. Hall has never seemed to make a position his own. Hall was also the first player to hit a homerun in the new Busch Stadium!

Yovani Gallardo

I love the scale this card has, the intensity on Gallardo's face. Gallardo has an explosive fastball and when he is on his game is nearly impossible to hit. I will definitely be gunning for him on my fantasy roster, I see big things for him this year and he has the run support, I just hope he can stay healthy!

Toronto Blue Jays:

Aaron Hill

Hill is a hard worker, his solid swing generates line drives with occasional power. He's disciplined at the plate and runs the bases well. Is a sound defender. He is a solid second base option with upside, however, he'll never be a major speedster.

Jesse Litsch

Litsch has a decent sinking fastball, a bulldog mentality and loads of perseverance. Despite his relative youth, he's a crafty right-hander. Beacuse of his size his fastball is mediocre. However, he will be a presence this season on the Jay's pitching staff.

I won't be doing this everyday...but I have another 3 Bonus pictures from my upcoming Nationals, Tigers, and Angels cards... I hope you like them!

Erick Aybar

Speed and contact! And at the SS position!

Cristian Guzman

Guzman has good defensive skills and can have hot batting streaks.

Gary Sheffield

I love the stoic look on Sheffield's face!

All three of the bonus pics today have alternatives, I can't pick, so I'll put up a poll at the end for all the cards that have multiple choices.


  1. RE: the Bill Hall card -- wow, that's just great. The arm gesture is majestic. The crowd has their arms up too. Just a phenomenal card...

    Ian Kinsler is about to get a face full of Aaron Hill's glove! I love the dirt flying up.

  2. Thanks Dave! I really like the Hall card too, it's nice to have a little tribute to Breast Cancer Month! You can see the ribbon and everything.

    I love that Kinsler is about to get a face full of dirt and glove! I used it because it made me laugh!