Saturday, February 28, 2009

2008 Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Break

Well this is my second ever hobby box, and my first Baseball hobby box! I have now been officially collecting cards for 2 months!, well collecting again... I will post pics hopefully Sunday or Monday...

I love the base set! I think the cards are amazing, I will definitely go back and collect the '06 and '07 of this set!

I got no doubles of the base, 1 double of the states, which was Lastings Milledge.

There were 2 world leaders

#WL2 - Kevin Rudd of Australia
#WL15 - Angela Merkel of Germany

3 black bordered minis

David Wright
Felix Hernandez
Hudson Street

1 Baseball Icon

#BI13 - Lou Gehrig

1 mini NNO

Luke Scott (I hear this is very rare?)

I also got:

NNO - Kosuke Fukudome (I read there are only 50 of these in existence...does anyone know if that's true?)

The Hits:

#AGR-ATK - Adam Kennedy (STL) Jersey (Grey)
#AGR-IR1 - Ivan Rodriguez (DET) Jersey (White)

#AGR-JDD - Johnny Damon (NYY) Bat

#AGA-PW - Pete Weber Auto (out of 190?)

Well overall thoughts...I would buy this set again in a heartbeat. The baseset is amazing, probably my favorite base out there. I enjoy the States cards, but it excludes anyone Canadian so I don't like that. The mini's are fun.

I think ... think....that this was a loaded box. 2 no number cards (supposedly only 50 nno cards are made and finding one is like 1:151 packs and I got 2 and one is Fukudome, whom I do enjoy watching play). A baseball Icon - Lou Gehrig (1:48 packs). I really like the idea of the bat relic. It's Johnny Damon, possibly the only Yankee I can stand...well beside Joba, but that's because of his name. The Weber auto is cool, but disappointing as I don't care about him at all, but it's short printed to 190, so I hope I can use it to trade for something Prince Fielder.

On that note, not one Fielder or Braun base card, mini...anything in the box. That said, I would buy this again. Heck I just might some day soon!

Also no Ancient Icons, a set I would like to collect!

I'm hoping my next break will be either 2 boxes of Champs or if I decide to buy another box of A&G early. I usually only buy 1 box a month. I'm trying to limit my packs as well and just buy cards I need and players I want.

Again I'll post pics later. This was an exciting and wonderful product. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  1. Wow, nice pulls. I have no idea about the NNO cards but it sounds like you got a good box.

  2. Dang, very nice box. I am verrrrry interested in that Fukudome if you decide to put it up for trade. I've been trying to get ahold of one off & on since it first hit ebay. I dunno if I've got much of what you want, but I'd trade just about anything in my collection for it.

  3. Hmm, I found your want list and I think I've got some stuff for you. I'll send an email in a day or two regardless, for future reference if nothing else. :]