Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 Random Packs

Just picked up 3 random packs today from a local store that sells cards. I'm sure they are a little more expensive than going to a hobby store but by the time you figure in gas and time, well they are totally worth it.

Pack 1:

08/09 UD Masterpieces Hockey (retail pack)

#51 Johnny Bower
# 26 Denis Savard
#76 Andy Bathgate
#36 Turk Broda

I really like this set. The art is amazing and the canvas style is beautiful. I don't think it's a set I would spend time collecting but I love getting random packs and ripping them open to see what's inside. Unfortunately of this set only 1 was a card that I haven't had before...3 dubs!

Pack 2:

08/09 ITG Heroes and Prospects

#79 T.J. Galiardi - of the Calgary Hitmen!!!!
#94 Marco Scandella
#52 John McFarland
#73 Kyle Beach
#43 Cody Hodgson

I love this set. I love the ITG Heroes and Prospects cards in general. This is my first pack of 08/09. I love the idea of prospects. Cards of players who haven't yet been drafted and players who have been drafted but play on the farm teams. Most of these players have some amazing promise. Most are either 1st or 2nd round picks. There are also a Heroes portion that have players like Lemuiex, Crosby, and Brodeur back in their days before the NHL. I love the old pictures of these players, it's awesome to see. This is definately a set I'll be collecting. Can't wait until I head up to Edmonton to go to a hobby shop with my Brother-in-Law and get a hobby box of this.

Moreover, I'm ecstatic to get a Calgary Hitmen player...even though he's on a different team right now and was drafted by Colorado...double wammy. We're hoping to go to a Hitmen game on Tuesday when they play Edmonton. 7-11 and Gatoraid have a promotion going on right now that for every 3 bottles you buy you get a free ticket to a Hitmen game, any Home game in January and Feburary. Can't wait it should be good....too bad Galiardi isn't playing there anymore I would have tried to get him to sign the card!

Side note: If anyone has been getting the redemption cards and don't want them feel free to send them to me!

Pack 3:

2008 UD Masterpieces Baseball

#78 Barry Zito
#38 Lance Berkman
#32 Justin Verlander - Black Border
#25 Joe Morgan
#11 Carl Yastrzemski
#74 Luke Hochevar RC

Again I love the Masterpieces sets. The cards are beautiful. I like that there are rookie cards in the sets and the borders make the cards stand out even more. The Verlander card especially stands out, because in the background it shows his no hitter against the Brewers (boo!). The Horizontal pictures are also very nice, I quite like the Berkman card. However, again I don't think this is a set I would really try to collect.

So if anyone out there would like to trade for any of my Masterpieces cards (hockey and baseball) let me know!

I'll be putting up baseball cards for trade in my trade/want list soon.

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