Saturday, January 24, 2009

My first follower!

Wow that's nice to see, thanks Brian!

I started blogging about cards for two reasons. To give a different perspective, being that I haven't collected cards in almost two decades and really didn't have a clue about this online community until just a week or so ago. And I wanted to belong to that community. If one has a blog it seems that it becomes a great way to communicate and become involved in the process. So if anyone reading this has just gotten back into cards...set up a blog, read and comment on other peoples blogs. Everyone is very friendly and informative! I've had nothing but good luck!

Brian is the guy who started me blogging. His blog is amazing, please check it out, he's also very active in other blogs! I reached out to him first primarily because of proximity but also because his blog is very informative and well written. His advice has been very helpful. Just a hint for you newbies out which I still belong...most card bloggers are extremely nice and helpful.

Oh and just a side note...that different perspective I was talking about...check out the Goose Joak blog. He and a bunch of other bloggers...myself included...are putting together our own set of virtual cards! How's that for new perspective.


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