Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Something just came over me...Part 2

So in my giant Walmart, multi-pack buying spree. I also bought a box of 4 randomly assorted Baseball packs. The first box that I opened contained a pack of 2008 UD First Edition, 2003 Donruss Team Heroes, 07/08 Topps, and 02/03 Fleer Traditional.

Pack 1:

2008 UD

cards in order I pulled them... Rafael Betancourt, Dioner Navarro, Brian McCann, Mike Mussina, Coco Crisp, Brandon Inge, Rich Hill, Milton Bradley, Josh Anderson RC, and Justin Morneau Starquest.

Overall, very nice pack. I love the focus on photography. Good info on the back, AND a JUSTIN MOURNEAU starquest...very happy about that. Mourneau helped me a great deal in my fantasy baseball league. Great start! I will definately be getting a hobby box or 2 of the 2009 UD.

Pack 2:

2003 Donruss

cards in order...JOE "FREAKING" CARTER...right off the bat!!!! Sweet!!!! As I've written many times, One of my last memories of watching the MLB on tv was Joe Carter's walk-off 3 run, home run to win the World Series for the Jays, their second in two years! Well that just might be one of my favorite cards being that it's Joe Carter....oh right the rest of the pack...Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Chin-Feng Chen, Adam Bernero, Marquis Grissom, Bert Snow, J.D. Drew, Ben Howard, and Willie McCovey.

Overall a nice enough set, the pictures and fronts are nice, the info on the back is great. But being that I haven't been back into baseball for that long, I only know a couple of the players. But the Joe Carter was definately the highlight for me.

Pack 3:

2002 Fleer Traditional

This Day in History (Paul Molitor)...interesting card...Antonio Alfonseca, Edgardo Alfonzo, Orlando Cabrera (in an Expos jersey...very nice)...wonder who will sign him this year being that he's a FA and all, Royce Clayton, Johnny Estrada, David Wells, Brad Ausmus, Sandy Alomar, and Derek Jeter. I really enjoy the look of these cards. They are a nice hard cardboard. Nice coloring and pics, white border.

Pack 4:

2007 Topps

Fred Lewis RC, Nook Logan, Marcus Giles, Luke Scott, Mike Piazza (GOLD 0053/2007), Mark Grudzielanek, Kenny Rogers (makes me giggle every time), Jim Edmonds, Carlos Beltran, Emil Brown, Eric Byrnes, Brandon Inge. Nice set, I hate the "signatures" on every card. The black bordering is nice and the photos are decent. I like that I pulled a #'d card.

Top pulls from a walmart special...Joe Carter, Justin Morneau Starquest, Mike Piazza (53/2007), and This Day in History.

Overall, very fun to open. I enjoyed the different cards from different years.

I have another of these to share later. While the other set is just as good, I don't think I would bother buying this again. Especially when considering the Hockey set that I opened previously was the same price and I enjoyed all the cards much more.

However, this was definately worth it. It was fun and cheap. Can't really as for more now can we!


  1. Not sure if you've come across this card, but it's a pretty awesome job by Upper Deck:


    For some reason I'm not a fan of Masterpieces (even though I like Goudey and Turkey Red), but they picked a good moment for the Joe Carter card.

  2. Should say -- not a huge fan of Masterpieces! Nothing wrong with them by any means -- just haven't gotten into them for whatever reason :)

  3. That's a sweet card. I like the Masterpieces cards. They look very nice and I love the canvas style of the card. However, after getting a few packs of both MLB and NHL I don't really care to collect the whole sets. I can't wait for the Allen and Ginter! Very excited to start collecting that set!