Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something just came over me...

Well I went a little ape crap today and bought a bunch of Walmart specials...I'll spend the next few days going over the cards and what I think of them.

I'll start off today with the hockey set I picked up. It was 3 different packs together.

1) Upper Deck 2005/2006 Series 2
2) Heroes and Prospects 2005/2006
3) Parkhurst 2005/2006

Some really great cards in these packs. I'll just talk about the highlights.

1)Out of the Upper Deck pack:

The base cards are nice, as always with the Series sets the photography is the main focus.

The Highlight of the pack to me was the Sidney Crosby: Diary of a Phenom card #dp22. Gotta love Sid the Kid, I'm sad that he's not playing tonight at the All*Star game

2) Out of the H&P pack:

I love the base cards here. I love the idea of the cards. Heroes and Prospects and a good mix of both. In this pack I got some very nice base cards of promising young stars, including one who played for the Red Deer Rebels, wonder if I ever watched him play?

The highlight of this pack...there are two. First a Martin Brodeur base card...he's in his St. Hyacinthe Laser's jersey...very cool. Second, I got a Shawn Belle auto card. Very nice. Belle was born in Edmonton!

3) Out of the Parkhurst pack

My least favorite base cards. They are nice enough but not something I would spend my time and money collecting the set for.

Highlight of this pack, a Kevin Nastiuk auto in blue ink.

Overall impression: These cards I would definitely buy again. Total cost was low and the cards pulled were nice. I might try and collect the H&P base, but if this is the only way I can find them cheap and easy I'll just keep buying them this way. And maybe if I'm really good, eat my veggies and do my homework, I'll find a Tavares card or two in there!!!!

Tomorrow I'll look at a similar buy, but MLB.

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