Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something just came over me...Part 3

Okay so today I'm going to review my second box of 4 random MLB packs.

Pack 1:

2002 Donruss

The cards here are very interesting. The ones I pulled were inspired by the '82, '84,'86, & '88 cards.

#32 Albert Pujols...very nice card and very one loves Pujols!
#379 Rickey Henderson
#18 Kevin Brown
#170 Gary Sheffield (in Braves uni)
#147 Mark Grace
#314 Craig Biggio
#29 Roberto Alomar
#98 Rafael Palmeiro
#264 Tim Hudson
#361 Juan Gonzalez

Overall decent cards. I like the Pujols card just because it is Pujols. The photography is nice, the different borders based on year is cool. But for me, because I just got back into baseball recently I don't think this is a set I would collect. I think I'll have to focus on more recent years and just pick up a few player cards from years past, like Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun.

Pack 2:

2003 Fleer Fall Classic

#34 Wade Boggs
#70 Willie Stargell
#24 Willie Mccovey
#36 Don Drysdale
#79 Roberto Clemente

The base cards with their turquois borders are down right ugly. While the pictures are decent, I just can't get my eyes off of those ugly borders. Info on the back of the card is nice. I really like the Willie Stargell Dynasty Foundations and the Roberto Clemente cards. If the whole set looked like those two I'd definately consider picking up a few more.

Pack 3:

2002 Fleer Hot Prospects

#39 Magglio Ordonez...great card, love the player...too bad he doesn't have his flowing locks in this card though!
#68 Jeff Kent
#71 Brian Jordan
#45 Ichiro...this guy has a last name why does no one use it?
#CS13 Co-Stars - Vladimir Guerrero and Scott Rolen...very nice card

So far the best cards out of the bunch. I know most of the players. I like that the card has a good single shot of the player and background has a baseball in it that is subtle. The co-stars card is very nice.

Pack 4:

2008 UD First Edition

#108 Felix Hernandez...King Felix!
#193 Matt Belisle
#140 Kyle Lohse
#126 Billy Wagner
#223 Gary Sheffield....wish this was Magglio with the locks!
#158 Jamie Moyer
#3 Jered Weaver
#98 Rajai Davis
#279 Jose Morales RC
#SQ-4 Ken Griffey Jr.

This is definately my favorite set of the bunch. I enjoy the photography and the info on the backs. I can't wait for the '09 set! I really enjoy the Starquest cards. I love the green and you can never go wrong with Jr.

Over all I was very happy with this set. I don't think I would get it again but it was a lot of fun to open. And being that I'm trying to emmerse myself into the card collecting culture by venturing back a few years it was nice to see where some of the sets have come from to help see where some of them are going!

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  1. I am a fan of First Edition as well. I liked that the foil names were omitted. It actually made them more readable.