Sunday, January 25, 2009

NHL All*Star Game *Live blog*

The West takes an early lead with a goal by Kieth Tkachuk; assisted by Rick Nash and Milan Hejduk. We got first blood, very nice!

I love how they keep introducing Hockey Hall of Famers!

Darn, A beauty of a goal by Ovechkin, you know every time you watch this kid you know why he's considered one of the best, if not the best, in the league. The young talent in the last few years is just phenomenal for the game! Kane, Toews, Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin...the list just goes on and on it's crazy. It's nice to see the game filled with so much talent. Reminds me of the mid-80's to the early-90's.

Ouch, Staal scores on Giggy picking by the net...come on WEST defense!!!!

Okay So I headed out for a bit and came back to the East leading 6-3...Come on WEST Offense!!!

wow just as I wrote that Boyle scored! Sweet, first All*Star game and goal for Boyle! Way to go!

Malkin with a beauty, between the legs. Better than any of the attempts last night 7-4

WOW OH WOW...Nash flashing down the ice...GOOOOOOAL 7-5

WOW OH WOW I can't write fast enough to keep up...Hedjuk with a goal! 7-6. You know being he plays for Colorado I'd never normally cheer for him but woooo wooo!!!

You know they were just talking about the All*Star game and how people hate it because it's not a real game, you know I LOVE the All*Star game. It's a celebration of the players. It's fun to watch. And where else can you have such talent playing together! No fights, no contact. Just a fun game of Hockey. Now I'm a HUGE fan of hockey, fights and all but I still love watching this game...

GOOOOOAAALLLL WEST, Souray! Wow I really wouldn't cheer for him being an Oiler (I'll blog on that later) 7-7...GO WEST GO!!!!

I love seeing all these old All*Stars watching the game, Messier, Lemiuex! Man those guys bring back some memories.

There's talk of doing an international cup every few years. I like that sounds of that! I don't think it should replace the All*Star game but I like that. A chance for all countries to be represented!

Apparently there are 9 countries represented tonight and 23 of the players are CANADIAN! Excellent!

I really love seeing these past Canadiens de Montreal introduced out in the crowds during the breaks. The fans must really be loving this! I saw "Pocket Rocket" Richard earlier...part of 11 of 24 Stanley Cups for the Canadiens de Montreal! WOW such history. I LOVE this game so much!

They were talking earlier about the rivalry between Malkin and Ovechkin and how Kovalchuk took the two of them out and said that the game is the game and they have to realize that they are being watched very closely and they have a chance to really represent Russia! I love that, these guys are really embassadors for their countries and their sport. Rivalries can exist on the ice, but once off the ice it's okay to be friendly and mature!

Goal by Kovalev, Canadians fans must be loving that! beauty of a breakaway goal for the East 8-7.

Come on IGGY!!! Dang...he must be getting frustrated...oh wait they are counting that for IGGY...his first All*Star goal..that can't be right I'll have to look that up... 8-8.

Lundqvist with a HUGE save on Kane! Wow!

2nd period has come to a end...16 goals, 8 1 more period to go! Can't wait to see Luongo in net!

Luongo in net...and mic'd. Wow that's kinda cool, Luongo is giving commentary while in net. I LOVE that! Luongo you the man!!!!!

Modano in the air pass to Doan...GOOOOOAAAAALLLL. Wow that's eye-hand cordination! Out of the air. 9-8 WEST

Heatley goal 9-9

Toews with his first All*Star goal! Very nice. Gotta love these young guns! 10-9 WEST!

Hey, George Stroumboulopoulos! Love that guy...hahahah he's booing himself!

LOL love Luongo's commentary. That alone is worth the watching the game at home instead of live....hahahaha he told them to hold on while he saved a shot...then back to commentary. I LOVE THIS!!! GO CANUCKS GO... I mean.... :). Still talking while making saves...this is why the All*Star game is awesome. Guess he likes facing Ovechkin because he likes to shoot more than pass...well he is a sniper!

There have been a lot of rumors about Lecavalier being traded to Montreal. That would be kind of awesome to see him going home to help Montreal make a run at the cup. Montreal has been doing awesome this year.

Dang, St. Louis scored. 10-10. Love Luongo's commentary. Souray got in the way, too Luongo is just too funny. He doesn't want anyone blocking a shot here, just get out of the way he's got it. Love it, he's such an awesome player and person! Definately would love to meet him....hahahaha oooh right off the shaft, you can't teach that! lol such great commentary.

I hope some of you guys are watching this. It's money!

Well sounds like it's the end of the Luongo commentary tonight. too bad, I wish they did it every night

KANE ALONE....RUSHES IN...GOOOOALLLLL. Kane's first All*Star goal. The young guns really shining tonight! 11-10 WEST

I hope there's an All*Star subset or something in a hockey set this year. Some really great goals and what not....gotta say something about cards!

Oh Bouwmeester scored 11-11, his first. A night of firsts, the youngins are really amazing!

Man this crowd really loves Lecavalier. Every time he gets the puck they go nuts! I would love to see him go to Montreal just for the fans!

11-11 Overtime...

4 on 4 sudden death!

Even Lundqvist wants to see Lecavalier score the winner....if the East were to win I'd be okay if it was Lecavalier scoring. Otherwise... go WEST go!

IGGY...nooooo so close. Thomas, a Bruin being cheered by the Montreal fans, I love that. Not often that happens.

A penalty! hahahhaha yikes...Komisarek got the penalty. The Montreal fans booing like crazy...poor ref...hahahah Guy Carbonneau is laughing.

Time runs out...SHOOTOUT!

Thomas has been fantastic all year and showing how much he deserves to be here at this game!

Love the shootout in an all*star game, just hope Giggy isn't in net after last nights performance...

Luongo in net for the west

1) Lecavalier for the East...stopped...go Luongo go

Thomas in the net for the East

1) Doan...stopped

2) Kovalev goal, beats Luongo over the glove

2) Nash...stopped by Thomas

if the East scores they will win

3) Ovechkin....GOAL! just snuck it by Luongo.

The East wins...well that was a hell of a game that I enjoyed thoroughly!

Some youtube moments and goals, including Ovechkin's shootout goal there...better than his moves last night.

MVP of the night....quiet a few possibilities tonight...KOVALEV! The hometown crowd loves that! Well a great night. 100 years of Canadiens de Montreal, the East wins, Kovalev scores in the shoot out and he's the MVP.


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