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07/08 ITG H&P 3 Pack Open

07/08 ITG Heroes and Prospects Arena Version Box

24 Packs per Box - 5 Cards per Pack.


The base card checklist is now 140 cards, with cards numbered 101-140 being game-used memorabilia cards featuring game-used memorabilia from the
CHL Top Prospects Game.

The checklist includes Patrick Kane, Angelo Esposito, Trevor Cann, Sam Gagner, Brandon Sutter and Zach Hamill, to name a few.

Collectors wanted to see a completely new base card design for Heroes and Prospects and In The Game responded to this request. The 2007-08 Heroes and Prospects will thrill collectors old and new. Full body action shots fit perfectly with the retro-style design. As in past Heroes and Prospects products, there will be Heroes, International Prospects, AHL Prospects,
CHL Prospects and this year we introduce CHL Duals.

A newly designed Autograph card will feature a checklist of great players from the future, present and past.

40 Top Prospects Game-Used Memorabilia cards (1:72 packs).

9 randomly inserted 2007 Memorial Cup Champions insert set (1:14 packs).

Authentic autograph cards (1:48 packs).

He Shoots He Scores or Top Prospects memorabilia Redemption cards.

Now it should come as no surprise by now, but I am a huge fan of In The Game (ITG) products. I love the Heroes & Prospects sets. The idea of up and coming phenoms mixed with yesterdays and today’s heroes (in their minor league uni’s no less…to get around infringement issues). So when I walked into a new store today to just look around, and saw 07/08 H&P product, I tried really hard not to drool. I casually walked up to the owner and started chatting him up. This store is NOT a hobby store. It’s a tiny little store not much bigger than my bedroom and is primarily filled with collectibles, which range from Superheroes, to Hockey Player figures, to bunnies and china dishes. The amount of actual cards in this store was minimal at best but there were cards! I was surprised by the price per pack and decided to get 3, with thoughts of going back some time and getting the Arena Box… Here’s what I opened!

Pack 1:

#8 Roberto Luongo!

WOW first card…First pack I got the Captain!!!! Woooo Woooo!!!! So worth it already! Luongo is my favorite current player in the NHL, possibly favorite EVER! This may be because he is one of the best goalies in the league… it may be because he plays for my team…the Vancouver Canucks!!!! But this was just awesome to see!

#31 Cal O’Reilly

#99 Roberto Luongo and Brad Machand

2 Luongo cards in 1 pack! I must have been a very good boy!

#36 Alex Bourret

#26 Matt D’Agostini – Currently on the roster of the Canadiens de Montreal!

That was a really great pack. I love these cards! This is probably my favorite year for front design. The whole set, as far as I can tell, is horizontal! Beautiful, Beautiful cards!

Pack 2:

Wow I was really good or something, first pack, Luongo off the bat, this pack…

#94 Guy Lafleur & Angelo Esposito

Both amazing players. I can’t wait to see what Esposito does in the NHL!

#70 Leland Irving

#45 Claude Giroux

#65 Zach Boychuk

Sweet! First Esposito, now Boychuk! I’m very excited about this card…why you ask? Because Boychuk is from my town, Airdrie! I was really hoping to get at least one of his cards! Glad I didn’t have to hunt it down on ebay!

#83 Ryan O’Reilly

Man! 2 packs down and already getting pretty sweet cards! Can’t wait to see what’s in pack 3…I think I’ll definitely try building a set of this!

Pack 3:

#77 P.K. Subban

#38 Brett Sterling

#11 Dave Keon

This is a beautiful card! And it’s the first that I’ve seen that has a black & white picture. Keon played professionally from 1960 to 1982, 15 years for the Toronto Maple Leafs and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1986! His number, #14, however has yet to be retired by the Leafs…

#50 Yann Sauve

#91 Jordan Staal & Trevor Cann

Sweet card, I love the duals, a Hero and a Prospect from the same minor league team! This is a very sweet set, I definitely think I’m going to have to build it. So I guess I’m going after 07/08 & 08/09 H&P! And I’m definitely debating 05/06 & 06/07! But that’s for another day!

Overall, amazing product, perhaps my favorite year for ITG H&P! Very happy!

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  1. i've recently rediscovered a couple of packs from an itg set that i had opened six years ago when they first came out. 2002-03 first edition is my idea of a simple, well-designed set that is meant for set builders. i may just have to track down some boxes and put together a set like i should have done back then.