Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goose Joak Cards, Day 3

Another day, another 4 Goose Joak cards. I love this idea, I've even debated printing out some of these cards and sending them down to Spring Training to see if I can get them signed. I have a few players of which I have more than one card for, at the end of all this, I'll post them with a poll and see which is liked better. But for now...

Milwaukee Brewers:

Carlos Villanueva

Villanueva is a workhorse, he is used to being a starting pitcher. However, it seems as though this year he will be a set-up man and possibly the Brewers closer. The closer role seems fitting for him and I personally think it will be his sooner than later, especially with Hoffman being 41 years old. I know the Brewers brought him in as a closer, but I wonder if Hoffman would be better as the set-up man. Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the Brewers back end is looking decent this year with Hoffman, Villanueva and Gagne.

Rickie Weeks

Weeks is a speed man, he has stolen 19, 25, 19 bases in the past 3 years. He also has decent power, as he hit 14 homeruns in 2008. However, I don't believe he is a capable 20-20 player. He is weak defensively making countless errors. In 2008, he had the lowest fielding percentage (.975) and the most errors (15) of all NL second basemen. Nonetheless, it's his offense that keeps him consistently in the line up.

Toronto Blue Jays:

Shaun Marcum

Marcum's breakout season was in 2007 when he went 12-6 with an ERA of 4.13. He is primarily known as a power pitcher, clocking in the low 90s. Watching him pitch in early 2008 was a treat as he went 5-4 with a 2.65 ERA and 86 strikeouts in 98.2 Innings. However, he hurt his elbow and required surgery. Sadly, he will most likely miss the 2009 season because of this.

Lyle Overbay

Overbay is the Blue Jays First Baseman. He is a power hitter, but compared to many of the other first base players in the league he is slightly underwhelming. However, his plate discipline is excellent. He consistently gets on base and produces runs. He is also an excellent defensive player.


  1. My goodness. Droooooool...

    Topps Stadium Club just saw your Rickie Weeks card and wet its pants.