Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goose Joak Cards...redo

Well a while ago I was talking about the creatively wonderful brainchild of Dave at Goose Joak which was to create our own baseball cards. I love this idea and am very passionate about it! However the past month there have been a number of problems. GIMP, a photo editing program I was attempting to use, was the bain of my existence. I finally gave up on it and got photoshop. I also had a virus wipe out a good chunk of my computer, so many of the cards I created were lost.

Well hopefully like the Phoenix these cards have risen out of the ashes of my doom and will hopefully be even better than before. I think I'm around 50% done my cards right now, including a very special card which I will reveal at the very end of this show and tell. I'll try and show 4 cards every day, 2 Brewers and 2 Blue Jays, and the "special project card" at the very end of it all.

I hope you enjoy!

Milwaukee Brewers:

Prince Fielder:

Prince Fielder is my favorite Baseball player, in the history of baseball, past and present, he is my favorite. Why? Have you seen him hit a ball? He has a sweet swing, it looks so natural. Plus he's named Prince, I'm come freaking on, he is the Prince of Baseball, someday he will be King! In his rookie year this kid hit 28 home-runs, leading the rookie pack. In his second year he hit 50, the youngest ever! 2008 saw Fielder hit .276 batting average, 34 home runs, 102 RBI, 86 runs and 84 walks. The guy is only 24 years old, bound to reach the 50 mark again. In 2008 he became a Vegan, after reading Skinny Bitch. While I could personally never give up meat, I think that it's awesome that he is an advocate for animal rights!

Ryan Braun:

Another young player in Milwaukee that is a pure player of the game. Ryan "The Hebrew Hammer" Braun! With a nickname like that it's no wonder he hit 34 and 37 Home-runs consecutively with 14 and 15 Stolen Bases. Watching him and Fielder play has brought me back to the game. They just enjoy playing, to them they are living the dream and having a blast. I love that. I hope the two of them stay with the Brewers for a very long time to come!

Toronto Blue Jays:

Alex Rios:

Rios has been a conundrum, in 2006 he hit 17 home-runs with 17 stolen bases, in 2007 he hit 24 home-runs with 17 stolen bases and in 2008 he hit 15 home-runs with 32 stolen bases. The question on everyone's mind this season is which Rios will we see? Personally I'd like to see him have a 20-20 year and I think he's more than capable of it. Rios is considered a franchise player for the Jays, but at 28 which is the real Rios?

Roy Halladay:

"Doc" Halladay, the cornerstone of the Jays pitching. A true workhorse. 2008 saw Halladay with 206 k's a career high! Halladay was drafted by the Jays in 1998 and has been with the team ever since. I'd like to see him finish his career there. I enjoy watching him pitch, his arsenal includes a four-seam fastball which he can throw in the mid 90s, a two-seam (sinking) fastball which he throws at 92-94 MPH, a curveball which he throws around 77 MPH, a cutter which he throws at 90-92 MPH, and a changeup. He generally can use any of these pitches in any count, which serves to make him even more effective, and keeps hitters off pace.