Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brew Crew and Jays News

Just a little news out there for anyone interested...

Corey Hart and the Milwaukee Brewers have come to an agreement, thank god, with a one year deal. Hopefully they sign him for much longer, the Brewers have a nice group of young, talented players that really make for a nice franchise for the next few years!

The Brewers signed Eric Gagne to a minor league contract. Personally I don't like or care for Gagne, last year he wasn't very good and I think the Brewers have better potential for closers.

Ben Sheets won't be going to the Texas Rangers, as he's going to have elbow surgery. Hopefully he'll stay with the Brewers, as the Brewers need better depth in the Bullpen this year! CC come back!!!!!

TSN has already posted their 2009 Blue Jays schedule

Can't wait for the season to start, and most of all...FANTASY BASEBALL!!!!


  1. Go ahead and read the interview they did w/ Gagne the other day, it sheds new light on the guy and I think has redeemed him in the eyes of Brewers fans. Let's not forget, his last 11 outings last season were scoreless. He's no closer anymore, but after the departure of Mota could fill in nicely as a set up guy, should he make the roster in camp.

  2. Do you have a link to the interview? I want to like the guy, he looks like Seth Rogan, he's Canadian! He has a lot going for him. I wish he hadn't used HGH, but at least he was "up front" about it. I agree he's a good set up man, I'd love to see Carlos Villanueva end up with the closer spot!

    Hopefully our team can acquire a pitcher or two, our Batting is strong, and pitching is marginal. I'm hoping I can maybe take a trip this summer and go watch a Brewers game, I'd love to see the team live!


    I'd love to do the same. I haven't seen them in person since I was stationed down in Charleston, SC - we drove to Turner Field in ATL for a 3-game series vs. the Braves...Crew took 2 of 3, nice.