Saturday, February 21, 2009

National Hockey Card Day 2009

Well today in Canada is...NATIONAL HOCKEY CARD DAY't walk to your nearest card store (I hear Walmart has them). They are supposedly only out today, and you are only "allowed" 1 card per person.

I was with my wife and saw that a card store in Airdrie had them so I asked one worker there if I could have one and my wife as well. Then we went back later and got a few more from a different worker.

I'll post pics later, probably tomorrow, when I have time

So of the 4 packs I got, Two packs are identical and the other two packs were Here's what I got

Just remember all cards are x2

HCD2 Kyle Turris
HCD3 Josh Bailey
HCD4 Colton Gillies
HCD6 Sidney Crosby
HCD7 Vincent Lecavalier
HCD8 Jarome Iginla
HCD9 Joe Sakic
HCD11 Wayne Gretzky
HCD14 Bobby Orr
HCD15 Don Cherry

My wife and I will be heading out to the local Walmart soon to see if they have any, I'm hoping to have at least one complete set, maybe more if I can find them.

God Bless Canada and it's love of Hockey!

Update: no luck at walmart


  1. crap. I had to work all day. Never got a chance to go out for these..

  2. Well if you do let me know...Walmart in Airdrie didn't have...I'll look again at the stores again here tomorrow, hoping to put together at least one full set, more if I can.